A short review by Jennifer Peace Rhind

Whatever stage you are at on your lifelong fragrance adventure, this beautifully written book is one to be treasured. 

Slobodanka’s meticulous approach ensures that all aspects of natural perfumery – its origins, theoretical perspectives and practice are included – and she encourages mindfulness and creativity throughout. The guide to creating bespoke fragrances is clear and inspiring, adapting classical methods for the various forms of natural perfumes. Her extensive knowledge, experience, skill and passion shines on every page.

For perfume enthusiasts, this book opens up a whole new world of possibilities, as a perfume lover or a budding creator. For those embarking on their journey, this is like having a mentor walk beside you every step of the way. For professionals there is much to delight and inspire, from examples of exquisite scent descriptions to instructions for making your own extracts and tinctures from foraged raw materials. The emphasis on ecology, sustainability, and ethically produced natural perfumes is welcome. 

A tour de force, Fragrant Signatures is much more than a guide or a manual – it is destined to become a classic and essential text on natural and botanical perfumery.

Jennifer Peace Rhind – Writer, Author, Essential Oils Consultant

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