Reasons why it was written: About This Manual

When one teaches, two learn.

Robert Heinlein

Among the people who appreciate natural scents, the number of those who have decided to create their own natural perfumes is growing. This very lively community is crowded with curious, highly motivated and passionately dedicated people.

When I started teaching natural perfumes creation in 2005, it was a pleasant surprise to learn there is so much interest in this knowledge. In order to better respond to the expectations of the students, I was curious to find out what motivates people to attend the education and what was its final effect. During the four-year period, I conducted a survey among the participants who completed the education. One of the results that particularly encouraged me was the fact that more than three quarters of the respondents thought that the process of creating, as well as wearing natural perfumes, improved the quality of their life.

This manual was created from the working materials intended for the participants of the Fragrant Signatures education. The materials have been further expanded with detailed, step-by-step descriptions of procedures in all stages of creating a natural perfume, so that those who decide to learn this skill on their own, can master the necessary knowledge as effectively as possible. Based on my teaching experience, materials have also been supplemented with useful tips.

I hope this manual successfully serves you on the exploratory adventure of discovering and creating your fragrant signature. Smell natural, feel good!

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