Reviews by Hana Tisserand and Gordana Gorinšek

“Do you want to get down to work and start creating your own perfumes? Then this book is here for you. Slobodanka Postic has banked on her years of experience teaching people the art and craft of making perfumes, and brings to you a brilliant guide. This manual is here to help you organize your fragrant materials, get your lab in order, and take useful notes while you experiment on finding just the right, well, note. While being functional, the book is also filled with great in-depth information about the different scent groups, base materials. 

I appreciate the practical focus of the book, as well as the detailed information. It fits right in with the Tisserand Institute approach – empowering the student to go on their own adventure, equipped with the best tools available. A great way to take a plunge into perfume making.” 

Hana Tisserand, Essential Oil Educator

“The author very selflessly exposes the art of creating perfumes, without its complexity and mysticism losing expressiveness and strength. She very skillfully guides the reader through the postulates and requirements of perfumery, patiently explaining each step in creating a fragrance, and trying, through words, to bring closer to the reader what the sense of smell reports. The author introduces the reader to professional terminology and processes, trying to teach them a new skill. The manual contains very valuable theoretical and practical information, which will be most valued by those who want to rise above mere flirtation with fragrances. It is intended for anyone who wants to get acquainted with the world of fragrance creation and provides a key for trying to compose it.”

Gordana Gorinšek, phytomedicine

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